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Focusing on the Process of Product Development Process Optimization and Enterprise communication. 

In Summary

Christine "encompasses the rare combination of the two polar opposite of the technology spectrum here I refer to having engineering skills, acumen and rapport with the technical folks along with a comfort and understanding of management level personnel that allows her to assume a uniquely effective role as insider, peer and expert among both groups." - Paul Gimbel


My personal thoughts on the industry, trends, and implications for businesses in the Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing industry.




I simply love helping companies make things.  I have straddled the edge of working in the Engineering Field  and working with the software tool vendors that make it all possible.

After 5 years as a PLM Competitive Industry analyst I have had the unique opportunity to study the vision and delivery of the various software vendors.  I am excited to be working with end users again. This is where the rubber meets the road.

A good day involves a shop tour or helping an engineering group solve some headache using the tools I have gathered along the journey. 



In an Engineering capacity I have had some amazing roles around creating a sustainable future through Electric and Hybrid- Electric transportation. Don't get me started on a Well to Wheels conversation unless you have plenty of time.

On the software side I worked as an intern for a hungry young SolidWorks VAR and got a taste of what it feels like to be a serial process improvement specialist.  My interests led me to optimizing efficiency and driving collaboration while breaking down information Silos.  In other words, PDM and PLM.



I believe the first place to start with any digital transformation initiative is a Gap analysis, followed by a cost benefit analysis.  

Once you understand areas of opportunity an Agile approach is necessary in this economic environment.  Bite sized pieces with tangible outcomes tied to ROI are key.  I don't feel the need to babysit these tasks as many can be done in house.

My value comes from working with a diverse group of companies, where I can learn, expand my toolbox, keep a pulse on trends, and bring ideas from the outside in.  I would like to take credit for my best ideas, but they are born of experience.  


Better yet, let's meet in person!

Who doesn't love a good whiteboard conversation?  It's amazing what insights you can get from taking a higher level approach than you have time for mired in your daily functions.  This is the type of thing I am passionate about so no charge to hash out ideas!

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